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什么食物化痰|石家庄黄页"Damn it!" Li yan looked at a large number of jingzhou soldiers by the other side mowing grass harvesting, standing on the wall, but nothing to do, angry punch hit on the wall of women."With the life of your family, and I can make it easier for you to die." Lv Zheng calmly said, "At least you can suffer less!""But what?" Originally heard each other only six thousand people and breathed a sigh of relief yan yan, heard the ministry will speak a turn, a heart couldn't help but to mention again, afraid of the other side burst out with a bad news.

"If I take Chengdu, the front hundreds of army is not destroyed?" Ma looked to lu zheng.Look at the sky, lyu3 bu4 stood up, at the moment on the hall, although they fight for red-faced, but lyu3 bu4 is the master here, after all, he came together, the voice can not help but fade down, looked at lyu3 bu4 together.Pang Tong nodded: "Unfortunately, if this son could have been born ten years earlier, now even enough alone."什么食物化痰|"Kongming, why don't you take advantage of the other party's main force before it arrives?" Zhang fei calculated to go out to fight with wei yan, when the tiger fastened shut, two people actually met, but then jingzhou army commander-in-chief is CAI, two people met, but not how to hand over, at the moment to hear is an old opponent, nature is a little itchy.

什么食物化痰|"Yes!"Looked at a bunch of scholars here to fight red-faced, a word is quotation, there is no certain literature lyu3 bu4 actually quite boring, but had to make a serious listen to the appearance, lest people say there is no dignified."You and I have not seen each other for a long time, do not want to see the day, unexpectedly want to so intrigue, really let a person sigh, can let that zhang fei retreat?" Pang tong looked at the eyes zhang fei from time to time to look this way, cold hum a track.

"You're going to kill me!" Wu jin incredible look to lu zheng."Ah?" A group of generals smell speech can not help some hair, puzzled look to zhuge liang, the situation is a good, how to withdraw troops suddenly?"What can be wrong, the hundreds of army has been held by Mr ZhuGeJun in the county, as long as I take chengdu, cut off his hay supply, hundreds of army within ten days will be destroyed." Xie Chengleng snorted: "The emperor uncle has promised, as long as under the shu, will never infringe upon my interests, such as so, why to the lyu3 bu4 when slaves!"什么食物化痰|




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