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雨慢千佛乐牌Santa waving mace, excited to look at the nearer and nearer the barracks, according to the stake, can't stop the huns warrior impact, ridiculous moon people, you will pay for your ignorance!"My body single name wenji, table word zhao ji, but I don't know who wen hou said wenji?" CAI wenji puzzled look to lyu3 bu4, don't understand.The first general crotch red hare, great, dark night, only a pair of eyes even in the dark night, also difficult to such eyes flashing dim light, sitting on horseback, like a wolf king sent out a dangerous smell, not lyu3 bu4 and who is it?

"What the hell is going on?" D eyebrows a wrinkle, sink a voice asked.Baizhang... Fifty... Forty... Thirty..."Yes, fath." Yang Xi smell speech nodded and agreed to 1, went away.雨慢千"Korea hence must play, can't because of fear that the future may lead to the south xiongnu kou side, is afraid of hands and feet, and now even if we are willing to cease fire, Korea hence can't stop with us, once the truce, his hundreds of people will soon scatter, a county, military forces more than the people, how to keep?" Lyu3 bu4 will Yang Xi light hug into the bosom, eyes flashed a cold kill: "If the south huns really dare to claw, that not only to break his claws, but also let him eat, even with interest to spit out for me!"

雨慢千"If let the west is cool, I this party governors, but will do the head." Lyu3 bu4 waved and said, "I've made up my mind! I don't need any more persuasion."Lyu3 bu4 went straight to the center of the city, Knight behind a team of ten people, murderous pounced on those who should have patrolled the night but don't know where to hide in the corner to touch the fish of the west cool army, shout ShaSheng and weapons collision finally woke up the sleeping city, but unfortunately, from the moment lyu3 bu4 into the city, for the guarding city of the west cool army, it is too late.Sure enough, the brigade has just begun to retreat, empty camp on both sides suddenly sounded a gong, two troops from the empty camp on both sides, toward this side.

"In front, at the end of the general will lead the way!" With a flattering smile on his face, Li Kan got up on a whirl of wheels, rolled over and mounted his horse, and said to Zhang Liao, "General, come with me!"This era for business is not valued, even some contempt, but for the soul from later generations of lyu3 bu4, but it is very clear that the value of business, that is much more than robbing money, to rich the country with business, to build a country with military, to rule the country with culture, workers and peasants, this is lyu3 bu4 in the future for a long time and even lyu3 bu4 forces in the future development policy."Master is want to..." Han De surprised to lyu3 bu4.雨慢千




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