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蜗客网|佰莱克斯"Big childe, huang old general, the Lord's illness day serious, must not be disturbed, if there is something important, can inform Mrs. The first general liu qi polite way.The magnificent sea secretly dumped the arm that sends ache, smell speech unwilling to show weakness way: "good, as long as you zhang sunspot dare to come, I dozen you"Hum!" Zhang fei ruthlessly stared at the magnificent sea, le turn horse head, with guan ping and gathered troops, toward meng jin recede.All the way out of xiangyang scope, lu lingqi or some blank xiangyang fu.

"The Lord is at ease." "Chen gong said."Report ~" an hussar riding guard rushed into the big account, bowed to lv bu and said: "Lord, cao jun drowned outside the camp.In d kill is huan, a turbulent momentum let d action, look up at the direction of the army to jingzhou, but see a black tower in XueMu toward the side of general military commanders swift originally, lead, originally army of jingzhou shoved down a tunnel, like wave crack partial wave, then, is like a thunder shout ground ring.蜗客网|< / p > < p > sudden attack, make feng libing horse feet chaos, the crowd, ma tie with the troops will be scattered, see feng li gathered a horse fight, ma tie sneer, harsh way: "no man, west cool ma tie here, not up to death!"

蜗客网|"I beg your pardon." Xu shu frowns: "although the class and hierarchy established by the general on the grassland can be effective in a short time, it is not a long-term solution after all.""Who are you? Why is that?" The captain, at sima lang's signal, stepped forward and shouted.

Say that finish a bow to take an arrow, three arrows concurrent, three officers and soldiers scream a qi qi fall to the ground, the rest of the soldiers see shape complexion greatly change, one after another kneel to submit to surrender."Why not? In those years its brave, afraid is not that close zhang 2 general under, be that lv bu, if can be young 10 years old, not necessarily have the power of world war I, just this person already old, one old soldier er, how to bear important task?" Liu biao shook his head, if huang zhong again young ten years old, such a fierce, he is naturally willing to use, how now huang zhong, has been an old soldier, liu biao Ann will be safe in his own?"General guan! Zhaoyun turn around and look at guan yu.蜗客网|




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