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保定在线小道消息紧固器"Forget it." Wei yan looks at pang tong to eat the facial expression of the person, shan shan of way: "that wish you early success!"This is an unwritten rule. During the truce, as long as you don't break the rules to attack the city rashly, if you just collect the dead bodies, you won't organize them. After all, if the dead bodies pile up, they will easily form a plague.There yan yan is also ordered the attack, but the military forces scattered, with a law is similar to the bag of spread, though this will cause the strength of the fragmented, but strong GongJin crossbow has long been known in guanzhong plain, such disposal, can effectively reduce the bow and arrow, and this seems to be loose, but hidden dangers, if the other party the opportunity to attack, it will show behind the dense formation, then both sides eventually encircle, completely in each other's bag inside, make melee, let the other side of the strong GongJin crossbow outlived its usefulness.

Although the death of zhou yu had nothing to do with him, the relationship between jiang dong and jingzhou became delicate. At least this alliance, which was not reliable from the beginning, was now completely abandoned. He should consider what to do next."In." Meng da waved, let the small school leave, turned to liu zhang a bow."It is general yan. When general yan heard that chengdu had been conquered, he had surrendered to jingzhou. Now he is under the command of zhuge liang, the strategist of jingzhou. Do not expect these ordinary soldiers to have much loyalty, especially in the current situation of the division of shu, as now these two scouts know deng xian, the two sides are originally fu ze, as long as caught, basically some information can be obtained.保定在线小道消息"Does the general mean there are fine works in the army?" Ford's face changed and he frowned at Chen.

保定在线小道消息Fa zheng turned his head and looked at pang tong with satisfaction. With zhang ren's character, as long as he received the seal, he would follow lu bu wholeheartedly. Not only did he add a general to lu bu, but also the military heart of shu would quickly stabilize with zhang ren's joining."Ha ha, general deng was worried." Wei yan looked at the soldiers behind his eyes and smiled proudly and said, "each of my guanzhong soldiers has undergone rigorous training. They just march continuously, just as well.""Well!"

Just as they were preparing to leave, a small school rushed in from outside the conference hall and knelt on the ground in a mournful way: "Lord, general ling bao has just sent a message that wei yan has led an 80,000 troops from langzhong out of mianzhu pass and has joined forces with pang tong. Now the siege has begun!"Wei Yanwen said, nodding silently, tough road in the shu, even have a map, without knowing the terrain of led, can get lost carelessly, actually have been to chengdu from LangZhong, wei yan had a similar experience, in the heart also not lucky method is using that way scored milan, otherwise, the single from hanzhong way to chengdu, if storm, light is called road I'm afraid I have to spend a year or two, let alone a while to get half of the profit of it."Do not want to liu bei's army, in addition to guan zhang, actually also has such a strong general, this person's brave, afraid not under general ziyi!" Looking at Chen arrived in a series of war ship crissccross, lu xun can not help but sigh.保定在线小道消息




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